Yongjia Liaoseal Co., Ltd. Yongjia Liaoseal Co., Ltd.
Services We Offer: Tamper Evident & Barrier Security Seals for every Application
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About Us
Yongjia Liaoseal Co., Ltd. (former Yongjia Wujin Security Seals Co., Ltd,) located in Wenzhou, China, was established in 1983. With more than 25 years developing, Liaoseal Co. has become one of the biggest and best manufacture in China. 
 The high security seals we are manufacturing are being widely used not only by sea, land, air transportation companies, also for security purpose of supermarkets, petrol companies, banks, etc.
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<img src='uploads/AS-009a(1).jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
AS-009 Anchor Seal
<img src='uploads/PS-017.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
PS-017 Meter Seal
<img src='uploads/PSS-24(2).jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
PSS-24 Plastic Seal
<img src='uploads/BSL-13.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
BSL-13 Bolt Seal
<img src='uploads/WJ-AB(1).jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
WJ-AB Cable Seal
<img src='uploads/q(124).jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
PSS-14 Plastic Strap Seal
<img src='uploads/WJ-F2_5.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
WJ-F2.5 Cable Seal
<img src='uploads/PS-016.jpg' onload='SetImgAutoSize(this,300,250);'/>
PS-016 Meter seal
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