BSL-15 Bolt Lock Seal

1.BSL-15 is a high security bolt seal 2.Designed to safeguard high value cargo. 3.Height of female is 36mm. 4.Diameter of steel perch is 7.9mm.

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PS-020 Energy Meter Seal

1.Energy Meter Seal with incorporated sealing wire 2.To close, turn the handle of the seal 360° 3.Material: PC & ABS 4.Printing: Logo & number and barcode

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Product Description The cable seal consist of a cable and a locking mechanism. On a one-piece seal, the locking or seizing mechanism is permanently attached to one end of the cable. A two-piece cable seal has a separate locking mechanism which slips onto the cable or prefabricated cable end. Recommended Applications Drums and Barrels, Freight Containers, Gates, Hopper Rail Cars, Rail Car Doors, Shipping / ISO Containers, Storage Units, Tanker Trucks, Truck Doors, Utility Meters and more. Features: : Diameter of cable is 3.5mm. Standard length: 250mm Strength: >12KN Adjustable length cable seal for cargo doors, lids, drums, containers Pull up tight by hand and remove with cable cutter The cable unravels when cut to prevent resealing Material Body: Aluminum alloy Internal Locking Components: Zinc and Steel Cable: galvanized non-preformed aircraft control cable Printing: Laser printing Sequenced numbering & Logos available upon request Bar-code is available Colors: Red, green, yellow, black, blue, orange Packaging: Standard: 500pcs/carton Carton Size: 40cm X 29.5cm X 17cm Gross Weight: 19.8 kg

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Product Description PSS-12 plastic security strap seal is a versatile smooth ribbon pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. The design features rolled heat staking technology to secure the metal spring insert to the body, which provides clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut. Recommended Applications Airline in-flight duty free or Catering Trolleys, Baggage, Refineries, Fuel and Oil Tankers, Chemical Drums, ATM Dispensers, Coin Boxes, Cash Bags, Gaming Machines, Postbags, Fire doors, Locker Specification: : User friendly & easy removal – requires no tool Accommodates various trolley designs Pull up action for quick application and immediate security. Overall length: 410mm Operational length: 245mm Flag: 60mm x 22mm Material Body-Polypropylene Insert-Polycarbonate Printing: Laser printing or hotstamping Sequenced numbering & Logos available upon request Bar-code is available Colors: Available in any color Packaging: Standard: 100pcs/box – 20boxes/carton Carton Size: 49cm X 40cm X 27cm Gross Weight: 14 kg

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Why Choose Us

With a track record of success, we have become one of the largest manufacturer of security seals in the world. We always strive to provide quality solutions and our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client that chooses Liaoseal as their security solution provider of choice.


Liaoseal houses its customer service center on the same campus as its manufacturing, engineering, R&D, and sales departments. This proximity fosters seamless collaboration and communication between departments to ensure all orders are quickly and accurately processed and shipped to meet customer specifications.


The variety of Liaoseal Security Seals customization options is unrivaled. We offer a wide selection of seal lengths, colors, styles, flag sizes, and tensile strengths.

Short Lead Times

Liaoseal Security Seals produces custom products on demand, and its quick delivery benefits customers by reducing the requirements and costs of carrying high seal inventories.

Competitive Pricing

Liaoseal offers an extraordinarily competitive price structure that ensures its customers the highest value in the security seals industry.

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